Vastu Shastra


Vastu Shastra

Vastu Consultation by daily birth stones offers you a detailed consultation where you can send your reports, including the site map of plot with marked directions, and send it to our expert astrologers online to discuss and consult further. The homeowner can further contact for details, changes according to the Vaastu or consult on the discrepancies in the report via mail or phone.


With this service, you can contact any Astrologer on daily birth stones, anytime with convenience. People residing out of the town or abroad need not feel skeptical or worried as they will too receive the full thorough report via mail or if possible they can meet personally to discuss the matter in detail. Greater mental peace and skill: Vastu, by evoking the five elements and providing a living space that is clean and clutter free, can also enhance your mental skills to a large extent.


Everyone aspires to live in a plush house blazed with positivity, peacefulness, and joyful memories. Hence we follow several rituals suitable to our beliefs to create an environment that can have a positive impact on our house and our life. One such ancient ‘science of architecture’ is Vastu Shastra Tips, which for several years has been considered as an effective way to create healthy cosmic balance in our life through architectural specifications and equations.

Before you step into your new home consider the following ‘Vastu’ tips to nurture positivity in your home environment

The first and the foremost thing is the structure design; according to Vastu Shastra the shape of your house should never have an irregular design as erratic shape attracts negativity; therefore always choose asymmetrical design when you are constructing a new house as it will attract prosperity, peace, and good health.

In Vastu Shastra, a spiral staircase signifies a corkscrew that attracts negative energy therefore staircase should always be made straight to attract positivity.

As per the Vastu Shastra, the dining table should be square in shape and not round as it can create a gap between family members and adversely affect family relationships; also you should place a mirror in front of the dining table as it signifies opulence and abundance in food.

Vastu does not recommend study tables and temples to be placed under the beam of your house; also temple should never be connected to the washroom wall as toilets generate negative energies therefore even the lid of the toilet seat should always be covered.

To achieve significant growth in your career keep an idol of ‘Lord Kubera’ in the north direction of your house.
If possible avoid carrying old stuff from your old house to your new house, also preferably use new materials to build your new home as old stuff may transform the same negative energy of your old home to your new home.

Dispose of non-functional things from your homes like broken furniture, tools, electronics, or clocks as it generates negative energy. Always keep functional things in your home to keep positive energy flowing across the house.

In multistory apartments land is shared by various individuals and choosing the land location as per subjective preferences is limited. Though the beauty of Vastu Shastra is that it is not restricted to any format or design

Most builders today offer ‘Vastu’ compliant homes so now you can conveniently choose the right location and entrance of your new home as per Vastu Shastra and with minimum alterations and planning you can effectively design your new home and cultivate the positive benefits of Vastu Shastra.

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