Lal Kitab


Lal Kitab

By studying the various planetary positions in various houses and the residing house and planets of a person, one’s life can be accurately predicted based on the sutras in the Lal Kitab. The Lal Kitab is considered an astrological marvel by the learned astrologers. Surprisingly the Lal Kitab predicts accurately a person and how life’s journey is.

The book and its remedial measures are to solve critical, chronic, and reoccurring problems that humans face on a day-to-day basis. One does not have to do complicated yajnas, sacrifices, or rituals. Small solutions may prove beneficial to ease the ill effects of certain planets. The remedies are self-defensive as they do not cause any harm to anyone around or concerned. In turn, it only eases the stress and tension of the person whose remedies are read and prescribed. Small and affordable remedies are given that give quick and easy results. The wide coverage of the Lal Kitab makes it like one of the Samhitas like the Narad Samita and the Brahma Samhita. It is unbelievable to see the profound benefits of doing these remedies.


For all prediction purposes, the ascendant is treated as the house of the first Rashi.

It is one of the most heavily coded written about our past karmas. When you read this book or any book in the occult you would need a blessing from the divine. The solutions that you derive can change your life. Every line in the Lal Kitab has a deep-rooted meaning. Each line needs to be decoded and understood and the meanings to each sutra. A cumbersome and mysterious book it needs to be decoded and years of research by learned astrologers have to lead to the accumulation of information. Due to the lack of astrologers having sound knowledge people are misguided and cheated and end up spending so much money given the fear of taking the name of Lal Kitab.

Lal Kitab Debts (Rinas)

They are:

  • Forefather’s DebtThe reason behind this debt is that there is destruction of a temple or cutting of a Peepal tree by the native.
  • Self DebtThis debt could be because of not following traditional customs and traditions properly in past lives.
  • Mother’s DebtThe reason behind this debt is the distress of the mother caused by her needs being neglected by the forefather after the birth of the child.
  • Brother or relative’s DebtThis could be caused by forefathers harming the property of the relatives of brother.
  • Woman’s DebtThis debt could be possibly because of killing a lady – wife or any other women in the family by the family itself.
  • Daughter’s DebtThis could be due to the murder of a sister, daughter, or mother in the family which have caused this debt.
  • Unborn DebtThis could be due to betraying of in-laws or possible elders could be the reason for this debt.
  • Nature’s DebtThis could be due to killing or betraying nephews or dogs.
  • Cruelty DebtThis could be due to the illegal land grabbing of forefathers forcefully.

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