The Meaning And History Of Ruby

“A drop of the heart’s blood of Mother Earth” is how the ruby is described in the Orient. The Indians call the ruby Ratnanayaka, the lord of the gemstones. The Hindus called the ruby the king of precious stones and the leader of gems. They used to divide rubies into castes, much like social classes. Rubies were sorted into upper class, middle class, and lower class in terms of flawlessness and beauty.
Although the finest rubies come from the Mogok region in Burma, many beautiful rubies also come from Thailand, today’s main source for rubies. Thai rubies tend to be a little darker in shade, with a red so deep they are almost violet. The island of Ceylong, which is the “island of gems“, has also been long famous for it’s rubies, which are of a lighter shade.


Ruby and its place in Astrology

In Astrology, gemstones are recommended according to the placement of planets in a horoscope. According to Hindu Astrology, Ruby is recommended to wear as per the natal chart of the wearer. According to Vedic Astrology, Ruby relates to planet Sun. The Sun is the strongest planet in the solar system. The Sun rules our physical health and vitality and determines our self of ego and self-projection in the world.

Amazing Healing Benefits Of Ruby Gemstone

  • This stone has a healing effect on the heart as it works with the blood flow. It kills the germs and reduces the infection.
  • It brings wealth, wisdom and health to the people born in July.
  • The wearer can also be safe from enemies and will be self-independent.
  • Lung disease, backbone related issues, and diabetes and hypertension can be handled by wearing ruby stone.
  • Wearing ruby gemstone helps in improving the communication and speaking skills of the wearer.
  • Those individuals who are facing professional problems must wear this stone.

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