The Meaning And History Of Emerald

Emeralds are made from the mineral beryl. Its green color comes from chromium or vanadium. It registers 7.5-8 on the Mohs scale of hardness, similar to hardened steel. However, emeralds contain natural inclusions and can be quite brittle. The word “emerald” comes from the Greek smaragdus meaning “green”.
Emeralds were highly prized by the Incas and Aztecs when discovered in Colombia. Many other cultures have embraced emeralds as their own, and ascribe much value to the green gems, but in the sixteenth century violence became part of the emerald’s history when Spanish conquistadors looted thousands of emeralds from the mines in South America. This event put South America on the gemstone map. From this time forward, royalty in many different countries looked to South America for a supply of the beautiful green emerald stones to adorn their rings, necklaces, bracelets and crowns.


Emerald and its place in Astrology

Commonly known as the cold gem, Emerald is most popularly used because of its astrological purposes. This gemstone belongs to the planet “Mercury” or “Budhh” which makes it directly related to mental wellness and gives health benefits. It is because of this reason why it is also known as “Budh Ratna”.

Amazing Healing Benefits Of Emerald Gemstone

  • It makes you wiser and intellectual
  • Boosts your creativity
  • Helps in financial growth
  • Improves communication power
  • Improves physical health
  • Helps you achieve name & fame

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